Monster Story

Sleepy Monsters is a double sided bedding range for kids, encouraging bed making with help of your very own friendly monster.

The duvet has a monster face on each side, one side is asleep, the other awake. Simply turn your monster over to wake them for the day and put them to sleep in the evening. The pillow flips too.

Super simple and lots of fun, children love interacting and playing with the monster.
The concept was created by myself, Phil Robson and my wife Jo, long before we had children. Now we have 2 sons, in particular a 4 year old kid Bow, who absolutely loves his Sleepy Monster. Bow has been our guinea pig and following the reactions of him and his friends we knew this was something every child would enjoy using.

What child loves making their bed everyday and runs to his room before bath time in preparation?! Well our son is doing just that.

So if you have or know a child, or you are still a big kid, and have a bed, and love monsters, we think you'll love it as much as we do.


Phil, Jo, Bow + Odie (Family Fury)